Reading logs for deployments?

Hey folks,

I’m up and running with Mender, my Pi is connected, the Artifact is being built and uploaded from Jenkins via the API, and I can see it sat in the release tab and in the S3 bucket.

The problem I have is that even though the group name is correct in the deployment, the deployment just sits there waiting.

Where’s the best place to see the logs for where the deployment might be getting stuck?

Ignore me, I’d not set the device type

echo "device_type=raspberrypi3" | sudo tee /var/lib/mender/device_type

It would be good to have something like this flagged in the UI if possible?

It should be visible in the UI in the “Devices” tab, the lack of “Device type” should be suspicious at least.

Ah, so it is, I just didn’t realise not having a device set would be an issue, thanks! :slight_smile: