Version inconsistency with mender-client installed during mender-convert

Golden image had mender-client 3.0.0-1. Then mender-client 3.2.0-1 was installed to rootfs as part of mender-convert…this is shown in the convert log. However, when running the converted rootfs, both apt-list and dpkg-query still show the mender-client version as 3.0.0-1.

The app behavior is consistent with 3.2.0-1 because it does not run due to missing dependencies.

mender: /lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/ version GLIBC_2.28’ not found (required by mender)
mender: /usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/ version OPENSSL_1_1_1' not found (required by mender)

I just discovered the mender_convert_config setting for MENDER_CLIENT_VERSION, and see it was set at “latest”. So I can fix this by doing another convert and specifying the client version explicitly…but is mender-convert not updating the apt-get/dpkg records when doing the mender-client installation? Should it be updating them?

Unfortunately no, mender-convert uses an “offline” installation, which is unrelated to dpkg, although it still uses the same package. You should still be able to see the correct version in the inventory data in the Mender UI though.

It would be nice if it could update them, pull requests are welcome! :slightly_smiling_face: