Mender client version is dirty

I’ve been using the mender dunfell. When I check the mender version, I’ve following output with a string extension dirty. Why is that? That means I’m using a wrong mender version?

root@test-pc:~# mender -version
2.6.0-dirty	runtime: go1.14.12

Have you set a mender client version in your local.conf?

No, I haven’t set. What is the exact variable name to set mender version? I’ll double check that by the way

These are the Yocto variables that I am using:

PREFERRED_VERSION_pn-mender = "2.5.0"
PREFERRED_VERSION_pn-mender-artifact = "3.5.0"
PREFERRED_VERSION_pn-mender-artifact-native = "3.5.0"

but obviously change versions to suit your requirements

I think that means that your git sources for Mender are based on the 2.6.0 tag but have been modified. I don’t know how that will happen though. I just launched a Dunfell qemu instance and it is just 2.6.0.

Do you have any local patches?


I don’t have any local patches @drewmoseley. I bbappend mender recipe.

@dellgreen The version names I set as following

PREFERRED_VERSION_pn-mender = "2.6%"
PREFERRED_VERSION_pn-mender-artifact = "3.4%"
PREFERRED_VERSION_pn-mender-artifact-native = "3.4%"

If it’s still doing it after all that, then check the yocto work dir for the mender client to see what’s getting added/changed in its git repo. The build git repo will be at a path a little like the following depending on your Yocto setup and versions: