Using the --software-version with directory update module


I’m trying to use the --software-version flag with the directory update module as I read in the documentation. I assume it can be passed as an argument to mender-artifact like I have done with my update scripts.
Here is my command:

./directory-artifact-gen -n {ARTIFACT_NAME} -t {DEVICE_TYPE} -d {DEST_DIR} -o {OUTPUT_PATH} {FILE_TREE} -- --script {SCRIPT1} --script {SCRIPT2} --script {SCRIPT5} --software-version ${ARTIFACT_NAME}

The script returns an error of

flag provided but not defined: -software-version

I am running version 3.4.0 of mender-artifact. The help command for mender-artifact does not show a --software-version flag.


Hey, @martind, you need minimum version 3.5.0 of mender-artifact to use --software-version, available here.