Hosted Mender not reporting all the software versions


I’m experimenting with the directory update module that’s included in the Mender client source code. I’ve created and installed a few updates, experimenting with changing the software-filesystem property. However, only the latest artifact name is reported and the various provides are not. For example, here is the result of running the show-provides and show-artifact commands on the device:

root@OpenWrt:/data# mender show-provides 2>/dev/null
root@OpenWrt:/data# mender show-artifact 2>/dev/null 

As you can see, I have a base rootfs-image, then I experimented with a directory update but without changing the software-name and then finally did another update but setting the software-name to data-partition.

For the server, I’m testing using the EU Hosted server with the following version information:


The server only shows me the following software information:

Any thoughts as to why the other software versions are not being displayed?

Bump Any ideas?

Do you have the file /usr/share/mender/inventory/mender-inventory-provides ?

If not, just create it and its content should look like this:


# Returns the current list of providees for the devices, using
# the Mender client's `show-provides` command

set -e

/usr/bin/mender show-provides

exit 0

It should be part of a Yocto build and our deb package. I recently discovered Buildroot (and maybe others) don’t have it by default. I just submitted a PR to the Buildroot community.

Thanks, that was the trick! This is indeed a custom integration into Openwrt/Buildroot.