Using --provides rootfs-image.myapp.version with mender-convert

I am creating a mender converted image that includes a version of my application. I would like to include the version of the app in the image so it is reported on inventory check in.

I know that the --provides rootfs-image.myapp.version:VERSION can be used to embed the application version in the image using mender-artifact. Can the same argument be used with mender-convert?


if you want the app version as part of the inventory check-in, you could auto-generate a key-value pair as part of your mender inventory script that’s what I do. Consider shipping your application with something like a VERSION.TXT file or bake the version into your application binary so you can do something like

myapp -v

Yes, but you will need to create an hook for the artifact creation step to use that command line option directly to the mender-artifact command. See this link for more details.

Thanks for your help. If I use @dellgreen suggestion to use an inventory script could I use that to update the artifact_name attribute?

I’m not sure I follow but I think not. You can use his method to add a new field to the inventory. You should not modify the Artifact name, and I’m not sure it would even be possible.