Use mender with Cumulocity fleet management

Hi everyone,

our management decided that we need to use Cumulocity. We are looking for ways to connect cumulocity and mender (which is our goto solution for secure Operating system updates).

If I am correct Cumulocity requires all communication to use BasicAuth. Unfortunately I did not find a way to tell mender client to authenticate when using it standalone and providing it an url to download artifacts.

Tanks for any insight!

Regards, Simon

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Hi @sensslen the Mender client currently does not have any custom authentication solution set up for standalone mode.

This could be a pretty straight forward addition to the client though, if you are willing to look at the source.

@oleorhagen Thanks for your comment - I’ll see whether I can get my head around the go language…

Best of luck :slight_smile:

Golang should not be the worst language to pick up if you’re familar with the C-family previously.