Upgrade and replacement of MENDER_PARTITION_ALIGNMENT_KB variable

Hi everyone, it’s my first topic here. I would like to thanks for all people involved in Mender Project first, and request your help in my case.

I need to upgrade thousands of devices originally using mender 1.5 for the most recent version of Mender and Yocto(currently using Rocko version). I have tried upgrade, but when I have upgraded Replacing the variable MENDER_PARTITION_ALIGNMENT_KB for the new variable MENDER_PARTITION_ALIGNMENT the device have broken I think this is because I don’t understood how replace it, which value.

Actually I use the value MENDER_PARTITION_ALIGNMENT_KB = "8192" anyone can help me to know what value use for keep the alignment of partitions after the upgrade?

Sorry by my english, and thank you for the help.

According to the Mender 1.5 document - https://docs.mender.io/1.5/artifacts/variables#mender_partition_alignment_kb

Alignment of partitions used when building partitioned images, expressed in kiB. Default value is 8192 .

But when it comes to Mender 1.7 document - https://docs.mender.io/1.7/artifacts/yocto-project/variables#mender_partition_alignment

Alignment of partitions used when building partitioned images, expressed in bytes. Note that this is not always a whole number of KiB, particularly when the storage device is a UBI volume.

Hence, could you please let us know, whether you have converted the value from KiB to bytes representation while use the latest one? :slight_smile:

Hi, in the case a had used MENDER_PARTITION_ALIGNMENT = "8388608".


Whether this change solves the issue? If yes, then please mark the reply as solution so that, other people also find it helpful :slight_smile:

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No solve, I tried with this value but de partitions with yocto rocko are diferente of yocto thud and when I used the new artifact to update an old device, the device broken.

Any one has a ideia of why this diference in the partitions? technically the variables has the same value.


You will need to provide more details for us to be able to comment.

You say that the partitions are different, how are they different?

What does the “device broken” mean and how does it break? When provisioning with sdimg or when doing an update using mender Artifacts?