Updates to Raspberry Pi "Known Issues" section

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Not sure how to edit a page, but here are two issues worth mentioning:

Currently the contents of the uboot partition (mmcblk0p1) will not be updated through mender. Files under here include the DTB files, uboot and the the kernel command line parameter file cmdline.txt.

Mender upgrades the kernel successfully by including a copy on the root filesystem and directs uboot to use this. However, a copy of the kernel uImage which came with the original sdimg will be located on the uboot partition, but not used.

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@DonalHEmb yes that is true and valid point. I think it should be added for all RPI based board not only this one. Some discussion about that topic: https://groups.google.com/a/lists.mender.io/forum/#!msg/mender/98PMIMUp8kA/haIrX1b1CwAJ

@mirzak what is your opinion about that? Thanks.

Yes, we should definitely add this information under “Known Issues”. We have a lot of resources regarding this, so mostly copy/pasting :slight_smile:

Addition information can be found here, https://github.com/mendersoftware/meta-mender/tree/master/meta-mender-raspberrypi

@DonalHEmb, everyone should be able to edit as long as you have an account. Should be an edit button at the bottom of the post. Please let me know if you can not see it.

@mirzak, I’m logged in and only have like, link and bookmark icon/buttons along with a “Reply” button.

@DonalHEmb, I increased your trust level. Can you see it now?

@mirzak, yes I can, thank you.

@DonalHEmb, I have posted some updates to the “Known Issues” section. Looks good?

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@mirzak, those changes look good. The only possible issue I can see is this statement, which is a little ambiguous to me:

“Typically there is something in the Linux kernel that requires something that is in the boot firmware. This means to update the Linux kernel you must also update the boot firmware files.”

It implies that you always need to update the boot firmware files if you change the kernel, which isn’t always the case.

Perhaps it could be re-written to:

For example, certain changes to the Linux Kernel can modify the boot firmware files. These boot firmware files will not be updated as part of the standard mender update process.