Kernel Updates in Rpi3b+


I have Raspberry Pi Model 3b+ with me. Using mender, I would like to do kernel updates(basically I want to update the contents of boot partition). I have 2022-09 mender image for rpi. I see that the boot partition is mounted at /uboot folder and not /boot folder. So in order to update the kernel, do I need to update the contents of uboot folder or boot folder?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi @saikiran,

Sorry for the delayed response. Yes this is indeed one of the known limitations of using mender-convert. Updating the kernel requires non-redundant operations there. Maybe consider switching to a Yocto build, updating kernel and devicetree is fully supported there as they are located on the root filesystem then.


What about the dat and elf files? Whenever there is a new Raspian update, elf files are also changed. I assume they are not part of rootfs.