I just need some clarification with the MENDER_TENANT_TOKEN variable.

Is it possible to change it ? Currently client A use its token, but at the end we would like to use the client B. Is changing the token in the Yocto configuration enough ? Is it that simple ? Or is there some possibles issues ?

In my mind, changing the token should work, but I want to be sure :slight_smile:
Thank you !

Hello @pierrer,

The variable MENDER_TENANT_TOKEN is linked with the mender account in the server side. So if you change that value on the client, then your device will be pointing to another account in the server.
I am curious, what are you trying to achieve?


Hi @pierrer,

You mean that now (during development, presumably) you are building with the TOKEN of client A. Once that stage is completed, you would reuse the build for client B, e.g. production. Right?

In that case, yes. Just change the variable in the build, rebuild to pick it up, and thats it.


Hi @lramirez and @TheYoctoJester ,

Thank you for your answers. Thatโ€™s right, the goal was to go in production with a client B.

Best regards