Survey: help us improve onboarding with Mender

We’re looking to improve the onboarding when you run Mender the first time, and we are trying to figure out how much value there is in providing the virtual device out of the box. Would it be a better experience to dive straight in and use your own device?

Q: When you first tried Mender, did you need to use the virtual device, or did you have your own board at hand ready to connect?

  • I had my own board ready to connect to Mender
  • I didn’t have my own board ready - I tried it with the virtual device first

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We’d appreciate your help - please reply with any other feedback below!

I’ve used virtual device.
Though Mender is a very user-friendly service, registering and updating your first device is not a 1-click operation, so you need some iterations to learn that process.
Having the virtual device as the one part of that process working out-of-the box saves a lot of time and nerves.
After I’ve learnt to use Mender service on its front-end, I have connected my RPi.

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Thanks @mkonnov, that’s great feedback.