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Mender 1.7 documentation link - - shows the partition layout with the heading “Partition layout”.

Again, one more heading with the “Partition layout” is present in the - - link.

Both are showing different contents but, I would prefer to keep the “” to a different name. Since, the link shows more on types and configurations (there is no partition layout), we can name it as “Partition types and configurations” or something suitable.

Could you please let me know your thoughts on the same?

PS: In mender 1.6, these 2 link contents are merged and put together in one single link -

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There is also a third location :):

This due to the fact that we added a new section “Debian family” which resulted in split of the original single file that was there in 1.6.

Could you please let me know your thoughts on the same?

It would make sense to me to rename the sub sections to what you are suggesting or something similar because they are more about configuration then describing the actual partition layout.

Though renaming files/topics always breaks links :stuck_out_tongue:, would also like @eystein and @drewmoseley to comment.

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I don’t have a strong preference here. I agree with both points that it is a bit confusing but also that renaming sections can be problematic.

Thanks for the suggestion, makes sense to me.

From my PoV the top level “Partition layout” should contain the general information, where the ones under “Yocto” and “Debian family” should contain information on how to configure the layout for those platforms.

So for the Yocto & Debian-family sections I would:

  • Rename from “Partition layout” to “Partition configuration” (master, 1.7, 1.6)
  • Change URLs to /partition-configuration (master only)

If you could make a PR @ajithpv we’d be happy to review and get it improved! :slight_smile:

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Sorry for the late reply.
That sounds good to me too. I can make a PR :+1:

I created a PR…please have a look :slight_smile: