Standalone testing with Server

Hi, we have a test server setup and want to switch over to testing standalone mode using that same server. As we understand when in Standalone mode all we need is the URL for the .mender file for Client to trigger standalone update.
1> Where are the Artifact files stored on the Server when Mender GUI uploads?
2> Can (and how) we access this storage location as URL and use for Standalone mode?

Hi @avrobot this is not supported today. The Mender server generates unique URLs when deployments are created. These URLs point to an S3 compatible server somewhere (AWS S3 in the case of hosted Mender, Minio in the case of the default configuration of on-prem Mender) and are only valid for a limited time.

The expectation with standalone mode is that you will make the artifacts available through an out-of-band mechanism of some kind.