Setting artifact description within Yocto


My team has been using Mender for quite some time. As a result, we have several artifacts uploaded to our Mender backend, that we would like to keep easy to identify.

Setting the artifact name in Yocto is straightforward, but we would also like to set the description within the build system (for displaying the changelog in the Mender backend, for instance). I cannot find a reference to this in Mender’s Yocto recipes, therefore I wonder if it is possible?

I believe the description field is a Web-UI feature and not a part of the underlying artifact. @mzedel can you confirm?

Yes, the description is only shown/ editable in the frontend, stored in the backend and not read from an artifact. It is however possible to set the description on upload as a formdata parameter the corresponding api docs might help or edit the uploaded artifact using the id which is exactly what the UI does when the description is changed. Both might be an option in a script…

Thanks for the suggestion! The API looks promising.