Self-hosted Mender 2.1 - Bug report: GATEWAY_IP not set in default config

I just followed the instructions at
and lost some time before finding that I had to set the undocumented GATEWAY_IP.

The RELEASES page fails to render with a lot of failed network requests to localhost.

A bit of debugging shows that my /ui/env.js has an empty rootUrl:

mender_environment = {
    rootUrl: "",
   … snip ...

Going down the rabbit hole, in ROOT_URL depends on GATEWAY_IP
And indeed GATEWAY_IP is missing from mender-gui / environment in docker-compose.yml

Hi @will,

Thanks for reporting. We have had other reports of this on the forum, and it has been fixed in master and the fix will be included in the 2.1 final release.

For reference here is the other thread,