Selecting a recently uploaded artifact for deployment only possible after re-login

Hi all,

I usually use the “Create deployment for this device” button in the device details to start a deployment. When I do so, the artifact selection dropdown list does not contain artifacts uploaded in my current web session. I have to logout and login again to be able to select the artifact.

I don’t recall if this applies to the artifacts list in the main screen as well. I’ll check the next time I upload an artifact.

I’m using Chromium Version 90.0.4430.212 (Entwickler-Build) built on Debian 10.9, running on Debian 10.10 (64-Bit) in case it matters.

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Hi Manuel,

Are you uploading pre-built .mender artifacts or just a file?
I’m asking because there is some processing being done server-side when uploading artifacts.
Can you check if waiting a minute or two solves the issue (without logout and login)?

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Hi @kjaskiewiczz ,

we’re uploading pre-built artifacts. I realized that there is server-side delay of about 1 to 2 minutes, but this is not that. The artifacts don’t show up even after 10 minutes.

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Which version of mender you’re using? hosted?
Regards, Krzysztof

Hi @kjaskiewiczz,

Stupid me, should have provided that info in the initial post. We’re using hosted mender. Uploading is done with mender-artifact version 3.3.0.

edit: My browser is Chromium Version 90.0.4430.212 (Entwickler-Build) built on Debian 10.9, running on Debian 10.10 (64-Bit) in case that’s of interest.

An artifact got uploaded by our CI just now and it was selectable in the dropdown list without loggoing out&in. Guess the problem is either solved or manifests only sporadically. But I swear I observed it, several times. Made sure the artifact name is correct and it’s the logout&login which makes it appear, as they were of different “age”. So it’s not just that they appeared just 10min after upload or so, but once I made them appear 10mins after upload with logout&login, sometimes 20min or 40min. It was always the logout&login which reliable made them appear.

I’ll give notice once I observe it again.

Hi @manuel_vps,
the UI gets an updated list of releases every 30s, but thanks to your question I realized, that this is only done when you actually are (for more than 30s) on the releases page. I will address this shortly and will let you know once it lands on Hosted Mender.
another Manuel

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Hi @mzedel ,

I was indeed on the releases page during my latest test above, so that confirms your assessment. Great!

Feel free to drop the mender issue tracker ticket number here. I’ve got an account there (username manuel_wagesreither) and am already watching few tickets. If you’d allow me to add a watch, I’d get notified automatically and you wouldn’t need to remember and inform manually.

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