Running Mender client on a cloud-based virtual machine

Hi guys,

I have the honor to test Mender in our project. Because we are currently working on the specification of our embedded device(s) the idea is to test the client part of Mender on a Linux-based virtual machine in the Google cloud.

My question is: from a technical point of view … is it possible to use the client part of Mender on a cloud-based virtual machine? Is it possible to use the Mender conversion tool to prepare a virtual hard disk with all its changes on the partition layout, boot loader and client installation? Was it ever done before or sounds it totally crazy?

Thanks for your thoughts and support!


I haven’t heard about anyone using it like this (but I can’t say it is like that). But, on the other side, I can confirm people successfully implemented QEMU ready images using mender from a Debian-based systems and a Yocto-based systems.

These links could be helpful: