Pushing variables from server to client

Ciao @rbarbero,

as Ole pointed out, Mender does not support pushing configuration settings from the server to the client. You can use the inventory only the other way around, collecting data from the device, and reporting it to the back-end using the inventory scripts.

In the early future, we’ll implement Device Management features and among them the possibility to deploy configuration updates to devices, which is what you described.

One option you have, though, is using Update Modules (namely, the single file and script Update Modules) to install a configuration file (e.g. a JSON or INI file) using deployments and reloading/restarting the service.

Have a look at them:

You can also create your custom Update Module to cover your specific use-case (e.g. installing a file, rendering a template, and reloading a service). Here you have the documentation: https://docs.mender.io/artifact-creation/create-a-custom-update-module