Production config demo server certificate warning

I have a question regarding the server certificate:

According to the documentation there is no need for a manual server certificate if the certificate is signed by a know CA.

Including the server certificate on the client is only necessary if the certificate is not signed by a known Certificate Authority (CA) for example, if the certificate is self-signed. If signed by a known CA, the remainder of this section is not necessary.

According to my research, the certificate of the hosted version of mender is signed by a known CA.

But I still see the warning during the Yocto build and assume that I can ignore that warning.

Is that correct?

You are building with the default server certificate, which is not intended for production use

Hi @B-Stefan,

unfortunately that is not accurate. The message indicates that the demo certificated for a hosted Mender instance is in place, which is absolutely undesirable for production. As this note comes from the meta-mender-demo layer, the correct solution is to remove that layer from the build setup altogether.

The message can and should be improved, though.