Possibility of mender server port change

Hello everybody,
I am currently trying to do installation mender server with docker compose. The server that I am currently using has already been using the port 443.There is a running traefik on the port 443 for my other services.Thus, I wonder whether or not I can change the mender’s traefik to a different port, and then configure my clients such that they are now compatible with the new port ? If so, how can I do that.What are the necessary steps that I need to follow ? If this is not possible, should I consider a different approach such as traefik behind traefik ?

Yes, i have the same setup and run on port 9443 for simiar reasons:

In the mender server production config, I have

On and older mender server install, I have:

            # list of ports API gateway is made available on
            - "9443:443"
            ALLOWED_HOSTS: mydomain.com:9443 mydomain.co.uk:9443

Client-side i guess you would add the port to the server URL part, however I haven’t tested that as I only use the client in standalone mode, but i have no reason to think that wouldnt work fine.

Thanks a lot sir, but I thought that I don’t need to another port because I have already traefik on the port 443 for my current services. Instead, I can configure my existing traefik that is running on port 443 such that it can serve both my current services and mender services.I’m going to achieve this right now.

Hello @dekan ,
I would discourage using a Traefik instance to both Mender and another not related service; this could lead to collisions.
I think @dellgreen 's approach is the most suitable for your environment.