Partition with custom mountpoint using MENDER_EXTRA_PARTS

Hello Folks -

It is possible to leverage MENDER_EXTRA_PARTS and MENDER_EXTRA_PARTS_FSTAB to customize the mount point for additional images, or MENDER_EXTRA_PARTS_FSTAB is only for the “options” section of the fstab entry?


# Example MENDER_EXTRA_PARTS usage:
#   Extra partitions to create after the data parition
#   MENDER_EXTRA_PARTS = "part1 part2"
#   Size (in MB) of specified extra partition
#   MENDER_EXTRA_PARTS_SIZES_MB[part2] = "128"
#   FSTAB options of specified extra partition (optional)
#   MENDER_EXTRA_PARTS_FSTAB[part1] = "..."
#   MENDER_EXTRA_PARTS_FSTAB[part2] = "..."

Does this make sense?

Hi @oleorhagen -

Totally make sense.

But I was looking for a way to specify a custom mount point, instead of /mnt/${label}

Thank you

Hi @malveo

I’m not too familiar with the image code in meta-mender, but from what I gather (same as you it seems), there is no OOTB way to do this with the existing functionality if you want to mount it somewhere else.

It seems that you might not have to change too much though.

Do you want to take a stab at it?