New operators for devices inventory API


I am currently working with Mender API and I would like to get devices list with some filters.

I am using the route : /api/management/v1/inventory

With this example:

GET /devices?attr_name_1=foo&

My problem here, is that the API accepts only “EQUAL” operator. And I would like to use a “LIKE” operator or “CONTAINS” in order to have all devices with the attr_name_1 containing my filter value.

Do you have some information on this point?


Hi @rsirac

Currently the API only supports the “EQUAL” operation. We are planning on implementing more advanced filtering capabilities, which would allow LIKE and CONTAINS and more use-cases (think regexp).

This will be a commercial feature and will be available on Hosted Mender/Mender Enterprise.

Thank you for your answer.

So bad that is not intended to be available in the open-source version, but I understand!