Migration to Hosted Mender from self-hosted one

A general question which many will probably ask: what would be options if one day we want to migrate to Hosted Mender while having a number of devices deployed and connected to self-hosted instance?

There’s basically 2 parts in this question:

  1. switching devices: can it be done with a single mender update? At first glance, it should be possible, yet not sure how artifactCommit stage will behave when the client will start trying commit installation to a clean new server which isn’t aware about this deployment. Which brings to

  2. backend database migration. Probably will be required as well? Absolutely necessary or not really?

Would be nice to receive some info from Mender guys as you probably thought about this scenario.
What is suggested procedure? Will it involve an additional cost for custom technical support (for databse migration for example)?

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Hi @ster migrating the clients is supported by setting up multiple servers in your mender.conf file. See https://docs.mender.io/2.1/client-configuration/configuration-file/configuration-options#servers for specifics. Basically, you have to do a bootstrap update where you include both the old and the new server in an image. Let the deployment complete. Then the client will attempt to authenticate with the new server and finish the deployment on the old server. Once it is admitted on the new server you can then deploy another update to remove the old server from the mender.conf file.