Migrate to separate S3 storage

I have a Mender 2.4.0 server running. Works like a charm.
Now I’m trying to get the storage part working over port 443 as well. Using the built-in minio, I cannot seem to get it working.

Is there any walkthroughs on how to migrate from the embedded built-in minio, to an external S3 compatible service? Migrating the data etc?


I have the exact same question/issue. I’m commenting here so I’ll be notified of any activity on this thread.

I forgot to post back here.
I had the possibility to remove all artifacts from the built-in S3 storage, and then change the configuration to specify an external one. If you’re interested, I can look at what I ended up with (because things didn’t work as expected, probably bugs in the base docker-compose files) later on if you want.

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If you’re willing to do it, I certainly would appreciate it. Thanks!