Mender standalone FTP

Hello Everyone,

I am trying to do firmware update using mender standalone. I am able to do it via http and https but not able to do it via ftp. Could anybody let me know how’s the flow with the FTP.
if I try mender install http://<ip>:<port>/artifact.mender - > the installation starts fine.
but If I try mender install ftp://<user>:<pwd>@<ip>:<port>/artifact.mender I always get “Not able to open image file:”.
I checked with FileZilla, the server is up and running. I am also able to download the artifact.
The mender docs says the following :

<URI> can be any type of file-based storage or an HTTP/HTTPS URL. For example, if you are updating from a USB stick, you could use /mnt/usb1/release1.mender . To use HTTPS, simply replace it with a URL like .

So I assume its doable via ftp.

Thanks, Have a nice day!

I think the docs mean by file based storage any uri using the file:// prefix or any local file reference. I’ m not sure FTP is supported as this would require a different protocol support. However I haven’t checked the source code to confirm this.

Thanks for the hint to look into the code. I went through it. and found out the reason.
Thanks !! Now, I will look for some other solutions as I have to use FTP server. If you have any suggestion please feel free to let me know. Thanks.

if you have sufficient storage space on the data partition, one option would be to use standard linux ftp/sftp tools to download mender file onto data partition before executing mender client to install it in standalone mode.

Another option would maybe be to stream it to a fifo using the standard linux tools, and then read from the fifo using the mender-client?

Ok thanks for the hint. Will look into this.