Mender Server/Swagger

I have installed demo server as per notes via docker container. I have noticed in addition to mender server running that swagger is also running on port 8080. Is this needed and if so any info as to why and if not, how do I shut it down?


I’m not sure about the reason, but this port is only open in the demo,
AFAIK. As soon as you install a production server, this port will be closed.

Apparently that is part of the conductor instance and opened here. It is not needed to run the environment and can be removed, it might be helpful in case some of the basic workflows being run during the demo fail.
To remove it in the demo setup you can just comment or remove the port opening lines (lines 79 & 80):

            - "8080:8080"

As @kacf said this will not be open in a prod installation.

Thanks for the responses.

Commenting out both lines solved my problem.