Mender server 3.2: container deviceauth and useradm continuously restarting


I’m trying to setup a fresh installation of mender-server locally (this is done on a virtual machine hosted on Synology NAS, running ubuntu 22.04).

Currently I reach point where I should now create the first user, but it fails with the following mezssage:

Error response from daemon: Container fb358b941c74205413d938ed65e2f037e1f08dd27f9fc828aa2e239152731032 is restarting, wait until the container is running

I have checked docker containers and deviceauth + useradm are continusouly restarting. Checking the logs give me the following error:

time=“2022-06-04T06:56:20Z” level=info msg=“User Administration Service starting up” file=main.go func=main.runServer line=155
time=“2022-06-04T06:56:20Z” level=info msg=“running migrations in single tenant mode” file=migrations.go func=“mongo.(*DataStoreMongo).Migrate” line=82
time=“2022-06-04T06:56:20Z” level=info msg=“automigrate is ON, will apply migrations” file=migrations.go func=“mongo.(*DataStoreMongo).Migrate” line=86
time=“2022-06-04T06:56:20Z” level=info msg=“migrating useradm” file=migrations.go func=“mongo.(*DataStoreMongo).Migrate” line=92
time=“2022-06-04T06:56:20Z” level=info msg=“migration to version 1.0.0 skipped” db=useradm file=migrator_simple.go func=“migrate.(*SimpleMigrator).Apply” line=125
time=“2022-06-04T06:56:20Z” level=info msg=“migration to version 1.1.4 skipped” db=useradm file=migrator_simple.go func=“migrate.(*SimpleMigrator).Apply” line=125
time=“2022-06-04T06:56:20Z” level=info msg=“DB migrated to version 1.1.4” db=useradm file=migrator_simple.go func=“migrate.(*SimpleMigrator).Apply” line=140
failed to read rsa private key: unknown server private key type; got: PRIVATE KEY, want: RSA PRIVATE KEY

What I have done wrong ? I have just followed the procedure at Installation with Docker Compose | Mender documentation but I suspect something need to be changed on keygen part.

Thanks for the feedbacks !


EDIT: it seems this can be due to newer version of openssl: ssl - How to convert a private key to an RSA private key? - Stack Overflow can you confirm on mender side ? :slight_smile:

Hi, I am facing the same problem with the latest version of mender server

It seems that the command

is no longer converting the keys to RSA format. This issue is mentioned in the key generation script but it seems that the command is no longer working:

# convert to RSA private key format, otherwise services complain:"
# level=fatal msg="failed to read rsa private key: jwt: can't open key - not an rsa private key" file=proc.go func=runtime.main line=183

Hi again, @joelguittet ,
The problem is solved by adding “-traditional” option to the command so it looks like:

openssl rsa -in $FILE_NAME_PRIVATE_KEY -out $FILE_NAME_PRIVATE_KEY -traditional

Hello @pedromiguel.sanchez
Thanks for the advice, will test on my side and report here !

The above solution fix the issue for me too.
For information openssl version on ubuntu 22.04 is 3.0.2 actually.