Mender Open Source Service Update for Raspberrypi

I have recently created the Mender account to use the Mender Open-Source Service. I am using this service to test the system update on the Raspberry Pi 4 module.

I have followed the instructions given on the page: Prepare a Raspberry Pi device | Mender documentation

Also, I can see the successful application update on my raspberry Pi with the artifact : mender-demo-artifact-3.2.1. Then, I have started to check for the system update: Deploy a system update | Mender documentation

My Question is:

  1. I did not understand the correct way to setup shell variables on my Raspberry Pi. (Step 2). Is there any file in which I need to copy those lines(IP_ADDRESS=""), Or can I directly write those commands in the home directly of pi?
  2. I have tried the commands directly into the home directly with correct values, but then for this command, I am getting this error:
    -bash: /home/pi/bin/mender-artifact: cannot execute binary file: Exec format error

I will wait for your reply on this.