Mender on Suse IoT device with embedded storage


Is it also possible to only use embedded storage and skip the sd card creating the 4 partitions on the embedded storage?

We have mypi boards with rpi 3 and Suse supported OS. If we want to use mender as a local install what will is the best practice for installing the local server and client?

Currently I’ve setup the local server with docker-compose and try to connect a client where mender is compiled from source.
Is this the correct way to implement Mender?

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Hi @anton, welcome to Mender hub.

I’m not clear on what you mean by “local install”. Can you clarify?

As for embedded storage, we have a number of platforms using eMMC if that is what you are referring to. The mechanism for imaging to that device varies based on the board manufacturer but generally involves some mechanism to have the device connected over USB to your laptop and then have it appear as a USB mass storage device. You can then use “dd” or equivalent to write directly to the storage.

As for compiling from source, you certainly can do that and if it’s working for you then all the better. We have a utility called mender-convert that can modify a stock device image to be mender compatible. You can find details about the latest version of this tool here: New iteration of the mender-convert tool

Hope that is useful.


Hi @drewmoseley,

Thanks for your quick reply, with local install I’m referring to the docker-compose mender server.

The imaging situation that you describe is exactly what we currently use to write the SLES image to the eMMC disk. Due to environmental limitations, we are not allowed to use SD card and have only eMMC available. As long as that is no impediment from Mender installation perspective, that would be great.

I will start reading about the mender-convert utility and see if we can make our current image Mender compatible, thanks for the tip!

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Yes, using the docker-compose setup is the easiest mechanism to get the server up and running. Are you having issues with it?