Mender Not Found Error when Deploying System Update

mender-artifact write rootfs-image
-f ssh://“${USER}@${IP_ADDRESS}”
-n system-v1
-o system-v1.mender
-S “${SSH_ARG}”
root@’s password:
/bin/sh: 1: mender: not found
imgFilesystemType error: imgFilesystemType: blkid command failed: exit status 2

I am following the documentation to deploy a system update, and am running into a mender not found error. This is on a new build running on Ubuntu 20. What am I doing wrong? Happy to provide any additional information to help.

Hi @numanames,

Please check if the Mender client is installed on the golden device, e.g. the one that you want to create the artifact from.


Thank you, I was confused on the difference between the golden devices and regular, but I have sense been able to resolve this.