Mender for TinyGo application

Is it possible to place Mender Artifacts in TinyGo application? I would like to link IoT devices that work on Go to Mender (ESP32, nano-rp2040).

Hi @edbek,

Let me word it like that:

  • technically it is possible, you can pack anything into a Mender artifact
  • the Mender artifact format is contructed in a way so it can be unpacked without holding it completely in memory, so it is suitable for smaller devices.
  • currently, we do not have an implementation of the corresponding mechanisms in TinyGo, hence you would need to write the required parts yourself.

Hope that helps,


In the meantime I have created a mender mcu client, and you can find an example here GitHub - joelguittet/mender-esp32-example: Mender MCU example running on ESP32

It s written in C so probably you need a few work only to get it working in your project.

At the moment, update and inventory are supported, and other add ons APIs will be added soon.

An article has been written by @TheYoctoJester on the blog Mender OTA on the ESP32, Part 1 | Mender

Hope this will help!