Mender for esp32

i m new to the forum

i need to know that how can we used mender for esp32 wroover kit (arduino)?

Hi @HareshPrajapati we don’t have support for ESP32 or Arduino. You could potentially write a custom client that works on those chips but they are pretty limited in resources so you would have to limit the functionality. You could potentially do a proxy update from a Linux device that is connected to the ESP32.


@drewmoseley thanks for the information.
how can we do a proxy update from linux device that connected on esp32?

We don’t have an exact match for a sample but we do have this post which should give you the basic idea.



Like other users, I think that although an ESP or an Arduino does not have much capacity to make a complete rotation of the device, and perhaps in many cases, this is not even necessary in too many projects, I think we could work in something in between , which would be very interesting in order to integrate large fleets of devices connected to the mender family :slight_smile:

To be able to use mender server as a device panel (like ESP / arduino, but I think especially ESP since almost all projects are “connected”, they can connect and publish their status to mender, about their ip, their mac address, and certain information that is deemed relevant …)

Besides this, I think it would be very interesting to be able to generate a configuration display, for example:
if all your ESP parameters work against a file, mender could send that file to your device, even if you don’t have the ability to change the whole system, since they are devices too on the edge, and with too few resources, and I even think it would be dangerous or difficult to control.

Do you like the idea?