Mender-convert master branch seems to be broken

There was a commit recently that seems to have introduced a regression and other problems preventing the ability to run the mender-convert and docker-mender-convert scripts. I have documented it below

is anyone else seeing this?

@oleorhagen is looking in to this.

And it even seems there is a PR :slight_smile:

cool thank you, will test it in a bit

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Yes, this was me. Sry.

Great opportunity to tell me if there are anything else which is not working :slight_smile:

@oleorhagen have just tested it with your changes using the same build process that was previously not working and it now all executes correctly. many thanks :grinning:

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have spotted one thing, convert.log probably needs adding to gitignore as if you now run ./mender-convert -h or ./mender-convert -v convert.log ends up in the root of the directory and shows as a git untracked file. Just tested older commit and log file was not created prior to changes

Done :smile:

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