Docker git clone slow with mender convert

I was working with docker-mender-convert and I realized that at stage 8/9 it seemed to be froze. I waited, but eventually got curious, and consoled into the docker container.

There were a bunch of git processes, and I wondered if one of them was blocked.

I tried this command manually while in the container, and I was getting 1kb a sec download:

git clone -b mender-rpi-2018.07

Outside of the container, it is really fast.

I even went as far as testing the general network speed inside of the container with, and it almost maxed out my connection.

I run the command on the server that is hosting the docker containers, and the git clone runs great.

I will be mender-converting for a while over the next week, so I would like to try and figure out what is going on.

Any help?

Github has been having quite a lot of issues this week, you might just have been unlucky. I think it’s back to normal now, so I would retry just to be sure.