Mender Configure Addon - Question

Hi! I’m new to Mender and I’ve been able to successfully setup mender-convert, and update a Pi and seems like a really nice solution!. My next challenge is to look into how to configure a pi or two with different configs instead of baking config into the image.

For instance if I had wifi credentials could I use mender configure addon to import into the hosted UI for both pi’s and then do something on the pi to pull this into the wifi config on the device? I’m more concerned about if the configure addon is secure enough to store device specific but confidential information such as keys, certificates etc? Would it be a bit overkill to encrypt the value of the keys?

I’ve had a read of Mender Configure update module and hopefully I’m on the right track in saying this module will be able to help with what to do with the config once it’s been uploaded to mender hosted?

Would this be a good solution to manage per device config with sensitive info? Just looking for a point in the right direction :slight_smile: Thank you!

Kind Regards


Hey @startrek, Mender Configure does not support encryption out of the box, but there is nothing wrong with putting encrypted data in the configured fields which you then decrypt on the device using the configure script. Just keep in mind that it needs to fit in JSON data, so if it’s binary data you probably need to base64 encode it (the recode tool can be a possible aid here).