Mender Client stuck after providing unsigned artifact

Hello everyone.

We are running Mender Client version 2.1.2 runtime: go1.13.15 on a Buildroot 2020.02.12 system. The client is configured with an ArtifactVerifyKey. When we are deploying a signed artifact, the client works as it should transitioning among all the states and updating the system successfully, but when we are deploying an unsigned artifact the mender client executes the available Download_Enter state scripts provided by us and then gets indefinitely stuck toggling between the following internal states:

  • update-store [Download_Enter] → fetch-install-retry-wait [Download_Enter]
  • fetch-install-retry-wait [Download_Enter] → update-fetch [Download_Enter]

with message msg=“Fetching Artifact headers failed: installer: failed to read Artifact: reader: expecting signed artifact, but no signature file found”

instead of error exiting to Idle and going through Download_Error scripts if present.

Log can be found at

Thank you

This has actually been fixed already, just not released yet. It will arrive in Mender 3.0.0 (it’s this commit).