Mender bootstrap and unknown artifact


I have encountered problem with mender bootstrap artifact after porting mender to Yocto Langdale from master-next branch on my custom Zynq board. I found similar topics on this forum but none was helpful in this case.

I successfully created image and have running mender services, but in the webapp panel, after accepting my board the initial Yocto image has always artifact_name unknown. I am able to update the whole rootfs partition with a new image or single file and then the version is displayed correctly.

Moreover I noticed that the bootstrap.mender file is present in /data/mender and is consumed the first time I boot my board. But after that the board has still unknown version. I checked the device type during bootstrap generation and it looks good.

Do you have any idea how may I debug this issue deeper, to check why my initial artifact name is not set correctly? My mender version is 3.5.1.

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Hi @krzysztofch,

Just as a starting point, does your langdale incarnation of meta-mender reflect the latest state of master respectively kirkstone, or is it something possibly outdated?
Plus, can you eventually share your local.conf respectively build specifics?


Hi @TheYoctoJester,

I use the latest master-next commit 5fb0af6b89eba96fb5bedaa2d26168233d050d67, however indeed it was committed 9 months ago. The master branch does not support the langdale release, or at least it is not listed in the layer.conf. Could you advise which branch should I use for Yocto langdale version?

This is my mender-related conf part in petalinuxbsp.conf which is included in local.conf file

#User Configuration
IMAGE_INSTALL:append = "linux-firmware-rtl8192cu"

#OE_TERMINAL = "tmux"

IMAGE_BOOT_FILES:zynq = "BOOT.BIN boot.scr uImage uboot.env"

EXTRA_IMAGEDEPENDS:append:zynq = " xilinx-bootbin "

BIF_PARTITION_IMAGE[bitstream] ?= "${DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE}/download-${MACHINE}.bit"
BIF_PARTITION_DEPENDS[bitstream] ?= "virtual/bitstream"


MENDER_TENANT_TOKEN = "ncYviHyFPvN-ob9d8MssaIBkYx5GrbriOE1kmz988GU"

MENDER_DEVICE_TYPES_COMPATIBLE = "zynq-generic-7z007s"
INHERIT += " mender-full mender-artifactimg "

MENDER_FEATURES_ENABLE:append = " mender-uboot mender-systemd mender-image mender-image-sd "
MENDER_FEATURES_DISABLE:append = " mender-grub mender-image-uefi"



MENDER_UBOOT_ENV_LINUX_PATH = "/uboot/uboot.env"
MENDER_UBOOT_ENV_REDUND_LINUX_PATH = "/uboot/uboot-redund.env"


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Hi @krzysztofch,

Ah I see. Unfortunately there is no branch I can really recommend for langdale, as we do not officially support it - and it is end of life anyways. The Petalinux release cycle has always been problematic, and the only real advice I can give is to move towards meta-xilinx for a full production quality setup. Those should be available for scarthgap soon, and we also already have preliminary support which should be finalised soon.