Mender and efi-secure-boot


someone has experience combining meta-mender with meta-efi-secure-boot (


Hi @malveo I’ve played with it some but most of the issues were not specific to meta-mender.
What issues are you facing?

Hi @drewmoseley I haven’t started working on it yet, but looking at the recipes on meta-efi-secure-boot I saw that they are going to make a massive impact on grub2, so my question was
open to anyone who had tried to use the layer in combination with mender successfully.

I’ll work on it in the next few days and keep you posted.

Thank you,

I did need to make quite a few changes to get it functional with the meta-intel layer and the intel-corei7-64 platform. These changes have not yet been finalized or submitted anywhere for review. Let me know how you progress and we can possibly tag team it and get these bits cleaned up and submitted back upstream where appropriate.