Issues with Raspberry Pi 3

Hello, when i type the command source "setup-environment raspberrypi " it returns : setup-environment: file not found.
Ps: I did not do the git user configuration

can anybody tell me what to do ?

Thank you

Are in in correct directory (should be mender-raspberrypi)?

I corrected the directory name as you mentioned. Now it returns “setup-environment : file not found”

still the same error !

If you can provide full logs of your attempts, then we could investigate further.

I am following the tutorial demo server (mender) with raspberrypi, so after booting my raspberry with the configured SD card as described in the document: . Now i’m configuring my device following the tutorial for board configuration : Raspberry Pi 3 Model B/B+

This is the list of commands i’ve typed in my raspberry pi 3:

export BRANCH=“thud”

mkdir mender-raspberrypi && cd mender-raspberrypi

repo init -u
-m meta-mender-raspberrypi/scripts/manifest-raspberrypi.xml
-b ${BRANCH}

mkdir ${HOME}/bin

Fetch the repo script

curl > ${HOME}/bin/repo
Set the executable bit

chmod a+x ${HOME}/bin/repo


source setup-environment mender-raspberrypi

You are missing the ‘repo sync’ command here which is to be run after the ‘repo init’.

Also, this is not intended to be run on the Raspberry Pi but rather on your build system.

i am confused, the tutorial i am following is not so clear.
What i am trying to do now is a deployement to physical device as described in the document, so i can do updates with the demo images.

If you can take a look on the link ( ) so you can see what i am talking about.

Now i am in the in “boot the device” stage.

please i need help !

Hello mister @drewmoseley i still have the same issue, can you please help …

Please post a full console log of the commands you are running. It’s not possible to diagnose with the information you’ve given so far.

i started by installing Docker Engine 17.03 and Docker Compose 1.6 after that i Installed a Mender demo server by the following commands:

git clone -b 1.7.0 integration-1.7.0
cd integration-1.7.0
I created the initial user to log to mender interface by the folowing command :
sudo ./demo exec mender-useradm /usr/bin/useradm create-user --password=mysecretpassword

then: I followed a tutorial to deploy a full rootfs update to the Raspberry Pi 3 using the Mender server :
At the end of the tutorial i should boot my device and start the deployement. But in my case when i boot the device i am stuck in the command line interface and a login is required, and at the same time i can’t see my device in the mender server UI

I hope i was clear =)

i was also confused about network connectivity, like how am i going to connect mender server with my raspberry pi3 (client) ?

You will need to connect an Ethernet cable to the RpI to get networking.

Login is root with no password.

Some troubleshooting steps you can do on the RpI:

# ifconfig
# date
# ping
# systemctl status mender
# journalctl -u mender

Thank you @drewmoseley but when i type ifconfig on my raspberry Pi 's CLI it returns lo and wlan0 which means that i can only connect my device via wifi otherwise i is unreachable

Are you sure you are using a raspberry pi 3 with an ethernet cable connected? That driver should be loaded and enabled by default.
What does the following show?
# ifconfig -a

it shows lo and wlan0 which means ethernet is not configured

Using the ‘-a’ option will show all devices whether they are configured or not. That seems to indicate that you are not using an RpI 3 but perhaps a 0-wifi?

i am using a rasppberry pi 3 Model B V1.2

In that case, I’m out of ideas. That device is present on the RPI3 so the only thing I can think of is that your build is somehow incorrect.

@MissLee pls provide log from ifconfig -a command and bootlog so we can check. Thanks.