Issues integrating Broadcom .dtbs in meta-raspberrypi

I’m building yocto thud + mender for a Raspberry Pi 0 + wifi along with some custom yocto layers (one of which patches the config to U-Boot). Recently, we noticed we are failing builds as the Broadcom proprietary .dtb files are being properly fetched from the git repo. I can tell, because the linux-kernel layer attempts to build the modules since it can’t find them. Is this a license issue? We have a layer that patches U-Boot to allow for us to reduce the auto-boot timeout along with inserting a custom cmdline.txt and config.txt.

Hi @gtg811q. Welcome to Mender hub. Thanks for participating.

I’m not understanding the issue you are describing. Do you have a build log showing the issue?

Does the git repo with the Broadcom dtbs require a login?