Issue with starting QEMU after conversion with mender-convert

Hi @mirzak
i am following your tutorial for update i am doing same thing what ever u have done in this tutorial.i am following step by step in my ubuntu 18.04 system and i am getting
exactly the same output but when i an trying to start QEMU Emulator i am getting issue i have uploaded the screen shot of the issue can you please suggest me any solution for this

And if i am changing the path of OVMF_CODE
.FD I am getting this


Hi Avi,

I think the issue is that QEMU is trying to launch an X application but doesn’t have a DISPLAY environment variable. If the shell running QEMU is on the same system as your primary Ubuntu GUI, running:

export DISPLAY=:0

should fix this.

Hi @drewmoseley
after using export DISPLAY=:0 also the result is same no changes i am attaching the screen shot

Hmm. It may be because you are running as root but your GUI is running as a different user. You should be able to run mender-convert and the QEMU stuff without being root. I would try that before troubleshooting any further.