Issue with mender setup on Microchip SAMA5D3


I integrated mender into the Microchip Yocto project for SAMA5D3 (dunfell). While creating mender hosted setup, it asks for hosted mender credentials. After entering mender userid and password, I get the following response:

Enter a name for the device type (e.g. raspberrypi3): [sama5d3-xplained] sama5d3

Are you connecting this device to [Y/n] Y
Enter your credentials for
Email: (hidden for security purpose)
ERRO[0219] Error parsing JSON response.: json: cannot unmarshal object into Go value of type string 

What could be the issue?

Unclear, Did you just run mender setup to reproduce this?.

Also since you seem to be using Yocto you can just put the following in e.g local.conf:

# To get your tenant token:
#    - log in to
#    - click your email at the top right and then "My organization"
#    - press the "COPY TO CLIPBOARD"
#    - assign content of clipboard to MENDER_TENANT_TOKEN
MENDER_TENANT_TOKEN = "<copy token here>"