Is there a qemu-like container running ubuntu?

I’m trying to set up one but running into issues running mender-connect which relies on dbus.
Is there - maybe - some kind of out-of-the-box solution running ubuntu (and not Yocto)?

Hi @uishon,

Did you try already these steps? QEMU, the FAST! processor emulator (Ubuntu)
Is there anything in particular that is not working after following the tutorial?


Tried that and it is working for me on a clean ubuntu machine (except for one little issue which I’ve fixed - mender-inventory-geo script is missing an token so it always fails). BUT, I’m trying to set up a container as a virtual device. When running inside a docker, mender-connect is failing with errors connecting to d-bus:

root@51bc6aa947bf:/# mender-connect daemon
INFO[2021-07-27T14:47:11Z] Loaded configuration file: /etc/mender/mender-connect.conf 
WARN[2021-07-27T14:47:11Z] No server URL(s) specified in mender configuration. 
WARN[2021-07-27T14:47:11Z] ShellArguments is empty, defaulting to [--login] 
WARN[2021-07-27T14:47:11Z] Server entry 1 has no associated server URL. 
ERRO[2021-07-27T14:47:11Z] mender-shall dbus failed to connect, error: Could not connect: No such file or directory 
ERRO[2021-07-27T14:47:11Z] Could not connect: No such file or directory 

I assume it’s because dbus is not running inside the container which makes the setup more complex…

Here is my Dockerfile:

FROM ubuntu
COPY supervisord.ini ./
RUN sh

RUN apt-get update && apt-get install -y wget iproute2 supervisor

RUN mender --no-syslog setup \
            --device-type $DEVICE_TYPE \
            --hosted-mender \
            --tenant-token $TENANT_TOKEN \
            --retry-poll 30 \
            --update-poll 5 \
            --inventory-poll 5

RUN sed -i 's%\\?token=XXXXXXX%'  /usr/share/mender/inventory/mender-inventory-geo

CMD supervisord -n -l - -c supervisord.ini