How to update bootloader and erase environment


Could you please help to find graceful way to update bootloader and its env with mender artifact?

I am using mender Yocto meta layer to assemble artifacts. I don’t have physical access to device and I can not rewrite whole sdcard from PC, but the device connected to mender server.

Sdcard partition looks like:
Device Boot Start End Sectors Size Id Type
test-img.sdimg1 * 49152 81919 32768 16M c W95 FAT32 (LBA)
test-img.sdimg2 81920 409599 327680 160M 83 Linux
test-img.sdimg3 409600 737279 327680 160M 83 Linux
test-img.sdimg4 737280 999423 262144 128M 83 Linux

Uboot.bin is placed on first partition. I understand that updating bootloader is risky but is there any way by using mender artifact from the server?

Hi @Yury,

You can update the bootloader (you already know it is risky), using Update Modules.

You could use one of the existing modules, e.g

Or create your own.

If you are not using 2.0 version of the Mender client you could accomplish this state-scripts,