How to set the name of the device automatically

I saw that now it is possible to name a device.
My question is if it’s possible to send the name of the device directly from the device.
For example, to set the name off the device to be equal with the hostname.

I also noticed that a device can have tags. Those can be managed only manually?

Hi @alin.alexandru,

Naming devices and tags are key-values structures that live on the server side, so your devices doesn’t know “how they are tagged”. This is useful to “join” information from our API and your databases or to create groups of devices based on tags for example.

If you need to trigger anything on the devices based on any particular value, I think the usage of the “configure” addon makes more sense in this use case. This value will live in the device as well.

You can manage tags with our API if you need to automate any process or to integrate this feature into your workflows/pipelines.

Hope it helps to clarify.