How to log into Yocto image?

Hello @mirzak Sir,

I was able to build the image successfully,. Being a newbee I was struggling before but your tutorial helped me a lot. Thank you very much for this tutorial. Here I did not built any custom image I just stopped my building at the “bitbake core-image-base”.

But after booting I am not able to achieve ssh or putty connection to the RPI3 board from my ubuntu laptop am I doing any mistake here. Please suggest me what wrong I am doing here.

Whenever I try connect through ssh or putty I am getting " Connection Refused error" Please help me on this.

Also, The root login was possible but apart from root I was not able to login. May I know how can I proceed further please.

Siddhartha V

Hi @siddharthav,

Glad you find the tutorial helpful.

The image that you build core-image-base is minimal and does not contain an ssh server. You can try building a different pre-defined image e.g core-image-full-cmdline which does have ssh server enabled.

This is also covered in the tutorial how you enable the ssh server using IMAGE_FEATURES in a custom image

Hi @mirzak sir,

Thank you for the suggestion. But meanwhile I tried another thing i.e. I included the mete-filesystems layer from the open-embeeded the same core-base image itself is now ssh enabled putty is working. Sure I will look into your suggestion also.

But my doubt is :

  1. I am not able to login as it is asking username and password may I know how to resolve this issue.please. Root is not asking any password so I am able to login as root.

  2. Should I include other recipes to enable the sudo, apt-get, gcc compilers.?

Siddhartha V