How to force rootfs-image instead of delta update

I have uploaded releases 1 and 2 both as rootfs-image and as delta.
I have manually edited the filesystem of a machine with version 1 and now I want to update it to 2.
Deployment automatically chooses the delta release and fails due to checksum error.
I don’t want to delete the delta releases as they are actively used by people.
Can I force the rootfs-image instead of delta any other way?

There is no out-of-the box functionality to “force” the rootfs-image instead of the delta artifact.

The workaround that I can think of, is:

  • make a copy of this release-2 rootfs artifact to another file
  • modify the artifact name (mender-artifact modify -n release-2-copy)
  • upload this new artifact to the server and make a deployment for that device that you manually edited the filesystem

The resulting rootfs shall be the same as for release-2 (iow, same checksum) so it should work fine whenever you want to deploy release-3 to all your fleet (the Mender server will select the delta artifact if available).

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Thank you.

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