Differential update not selected for deployment

This may be something that changed today on the hosted mender cloud…
For Release xyz, we have uploaded rootfs-image AND mender-binary-delta artifacts.
Delta has smaller filesize and should always be picked up but today the rootfs-image is selected for download.
The target device is newly flashed so mender show-provides returns nothing and if the delta were to be automatically selected the deployment would fail as the depends of the delta would not match with <nil>, so in theory this today’s change is good but still I would like some official confirmation.
Will send a rootfs to see if the delta will be chosen afterwards to confirm my theory…

Indeed, after the full install, the expected diff is chosen for download.

Hi @bender

You are right in your observations. A delta cannot be applied unless the device has already populated it’s provides, and in order to do this a full rootfs update is unfortunately needed (we have an epic for handling this here), but for now, the initial full rootfs is indeed required.

How is this change possible? I thought all actions were triggered by the device and not the cloud but now the cloud knows that this device has no provides and chooses to skip and delta artifacts.

You are right, it is only triggered from the device.

But the device side provides are sent as a part of the update request: Mender API docs


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