How dtb files are handled during an update?

Hello Geeks,
I’ve just come across a use case where I want to know if the BPMP device tree of jetson tx2 is updated with a full rootfs mender update?

Can someone tell me if dtb files are updated during a full rootfs update?

Normally yes. If the file is in the root filesystem then it will be. That’s one of the first steps we take when implementing an integration. I’m not sure what the BPMP device is so I cannot comment specifically on that integration.


Thanks @drewmoseley for your quick answer. My device is jetson-tx2 and it’s using BPMP device tree

@dwalkes can you confirm that the Jetson integration allows the DTB to be updated OTA?

@drewmoseley @anishmonachan yes DTB updates are supported through Nvidia BUP Redundancy updates, which are a part of the mender update process for Jetson TX2.

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@dwalkes that’s clear!
Thank you :slight_smile: